Upcoming Events

  • Course 'Principles of Biosafety'
    13/09/2021 (Jour entier) - 04/10/2021 (Jour entier)

    This international course provides a comprehensive review of all essential elements of risk assessment and risk management and highlights topics indispensable for biosafety practitioners to fulfil their tasks.

  • Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology (4th edition)
    23/09/2021 (Jour entier) - 24/09/2021 (Jour entier)

    A VIB Tools & Technologies conference.
    Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology are revolutionizing Life Sciences. Driven by advances in the CRISPR-toolbox for rapid, cheap, multiplex modification of genomes and breakthroughs in DNA synthesis technologies, the pace of progress enabled by these tools in the last years has been breathtaking.

  • 16th ISBR Symposium - ISBR2021
    31/10/2021 (Jour entier) - 04/11/2021 (Jour entier)

    Bisannual meeting of the International Society for Biosafety Research (ISBR)